PG Tips Personalised Mug
PG Tips Personalised Mug
PG Tips Personalised Mug

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PG Tips Personalised Mug

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    What's this?
      • Give someone a mug with a bit more personali-tea!
      • Choose from Single and Duo mug gift sets
      • Each set comes bundled with 40 PG tips Pyramid® tea bags
      • Personalise the iconic mug with two sets of initials
      PG Tips isn't just any old bunch of leaves in a bag, it's a Great British institution. The unique flavour, the pyramid bag, the cast of characters and classic ad campaigns over the years. Just magic.

      If anyone's ever said to you "blimey, the amount of that stuff you drink – they should bloody call it [insert your initials here] Tips!" – it's about time you treated yourself to the PG Tips Personalised Mug and Tea Set.

      Now you can hijack their iconic logo and personalise a PG Tips mug with two sets of initials! Take your pick from a Single or Duo mug gift set &ndash both of them come with a box of 40 PG tips Pyramid® tea bags!

      Trivia! Why is PG Tips called PG Tips?: Brooke Bond originally launched the tea under the name Pre-Gestee, implying it could be drunk before food to improve digestion. Salesmen already abbreviated it to PG and when new regulations ruled out labelling tea as a digestive aid, they changed the name to PG permanently. The "Tips" part is a reference to the fact that only the tips (top leaves leaves and bud) of the tea plants are used in their blend. Riveting stuff, at least you know now!