Personalised Pet Mug
Personalised Pet Mug
Personalised Pet Mug

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Personalised Pet Mug

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  • Any pet on your very own personalised mug
  • Heat change magic brings their image to life when you add hot water
  • Simply upload a high quality photo and we’ll sort the rest!
  • Decent handle on this one, not fiddly
Refresh your boring old mug cupboard with one of these bad boys. All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet of choice and put your feet up as we tile it across one of our magical heat changing mugs. You’ll be sipping out of your pet’s head in no time!

It may look plain black when not in use, but load that ceramic masterpiece up with a hot drink and you’ll reveal your four-legged friend’s face. Lots of their faces, in fact. Minus the slobber and nibbly teeth, thankfully.

Don’t stop at your own pets, get a mug made with any pet you want on it. From your very own spoilt pooch to Laika, the dog who went to space, just upload your photo and let’s get the party started!